CMAC Oilfield Services provides specialized consultation for Oil & Gas operators and industrial manufacturers. We specialize in electric wireline, slickline and coil tubing operations, as well as drilling and completion fluids and carbon dioxide plant and transportation. 

Our Services

  1. Intervention Consulting
    We provide oversight for open-hole, cased-hole, pipe recovery, seismic, slickline, and coil tubing projects from job planning to completion. We work to protect our client's interests by reviewing the supplier's compliance, testing and maintenance records. We integrate with the supplier during initial job planning and give technical input to prevent and/or mitigate incompatibilities and missed issues before equipment even leaves the shop. A CMAC Oilfield Services consultant will accompany the equipment and crew to the job site and supervise from start to finish.
  2. P&A Supervisor
    Lower and/or upper abandonment, decommission, hydrostatic testing, topsides and platform removal, we can be there for any part or from start to finish. Our consultant will utilize your P&A spread and coordinate with the client, prioritize work, and maintain records and reports. We have extensive experience in deep water, shelf and land abandonment.
  3. Well Site Supervisor
    When you need an extra set of eyes for a specialized project, trust CMAC Oilfield Services to provide a technical expert for your well site supervision needs. We focus on Completion and Intervention, but are experienced in Drilling and Production as well.
  4. Carbon Dioxide Production
    Ranging from project management for new plant construction to consultation for transport trailer testing and refurbishment, CMAC Oilfield Services can assist at any facet of production and transport of liquified carbon dioxide. Whether a quick fix or a long term project, CMAC Oilfield Services can handle all your needs.